i never really got into Ladies’ Code.
i never knew their members or even their names.

but today when i heard the new about EunB passing away because of a car accident, i was literally speechless.
my mind couldn’t really grasp the situation.
i was so shocked and taken aback that someone so young, so talented, with so much potential could die so soon.

my fellow kpop stans. i don’t care who your bias maybe or which fan clubs you’re in. this applies to all of us

the death of EunB shows us just how human these idols are.
we may place them on pedestals, we may dedicate so much of our time watching their shows or listening to their music, but in all honesty and as cliche as this may sound, they’re just like us.

this is the first time i’ve ever heard of an idol dying. especially someone who was only 22…the same age as some of my and your biases.

no matter how much we don’t want this to be true, the reality is that idols can die. and we never know when.

i know most of you guys know this and know that idols are human beings and not just objects we fangirl/fanboy over, but i guess in it’s own way, EunB’s death is a good reminder for all of us.

R.I.P EunB

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Won a tablet! #buckeyes #mycorepower

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Yesterday you called me daddy


Today you will call me MUMMY


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How do u think this is okay

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robin williams was like that uncle you didn’t see often but when you did he’d always make you smile and you remembered nothing but good things… i didn’t expect to feel this one so much

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when your friends decide to have a little party without you…..

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it’s the thought that counts baby (and you’re drawing perfectly fine ♥)

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onew receives a chicken plush from a fan

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